Sarah Salvatore
February 11, 2023



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Beat the February Blues with 4% Nike Returns

A little birdie told us February and March might be a major time for Nike drops, and we want to make sure the Slash community gets the most out of it. To celebrate our new and improved pricing including permanent cashback, we've decided to top up our pro and elite user's Nike purchases to 4% cashback! Read on to learn more about the eligibility criteria, calculation process, cashback rates and limits, as well as special rates available for AMNotify members.

Don't miss out - make sure you are on our Pro or Elite plan in order to qualify for the special Nike 4% cashback. This means you were billed for either plan within the period of February 10 - March 16, 2023 (the eligible period).

Cashback is calculated on all US Nike transactions settled between February 10 and March 16, 2023. Cashback rates are 4% on all US Nike spending. Pro plan users will receive 4% up to $1000 in spending (maximum $40), Elite Plan users will receive 4% of cashback up to $5,000 in spending (maximum $200). Foreign Nike sites will not earn promotional cashback.

Any promotional cashback earned on eligible February transactions will be made redeemable on March 24th, and any promotional cashback earned on eligible March transactions will be paid out on the 25th of April. Nike cashback is earned by spending with any Slash Business Account card, virtual or physical, on the US Nike website.  

Attention AMNotify Members - as a thank you for being Slash's biggest hype squad you are eligible for a special rate of 6% cashback on Nike spending. Everything we said above except all US Nike purchases will earn 6%. Ensure your Discord account with group membership is linked in your account under Settings, and that you're on our Pro or Elite plan between February 10 and March 16, 2023.

For more information about regular (subscription) based cashback, click here.

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Sarah Salvatore

As a Customer Success Lead at Slash, Sarah is responsible for customer success, support, and project management. She joined Slash from $4bn fintech lender Clearco, where she also worked in Customer Success. Prior to her work at Clearco, Sarah worked at SAP. Sarah holds a B.S. in communications from Ontario Tech University.