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September 30, 2022



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Levelled Up - Slash 2.0 Explained

The long awaited, much hyped Slash 2.0 is here and bringing with it a slew of new features! These include spend restrictions and fraud prevention, an iOS app for managing accounts and virtual cards, dual accounts for personal and business use, Zelle integration, Apple Pay compatibility, transaction page filters and spend analytics, and a new free plan. Not to mention a Slash for Minors option for those aged 13 and above with parental consent. We are so excited to help grow your business with you! Let's take a look at some of our new features.

Spend Restrictions & Fraud Prevention

You can now create global merchant “whitelists”. Through the Slash Dashboard, you can select a list of merchants you expect to make purchases on, and automatically block all spend outside of those merchants.

What sets Slash spend restrictions apart from alternatives:

  1. You can change the merchants inside the allowlist at any time, and for whatever reason.
  2. You can add as many merchants as you want to the allowlist.
  3. The allowlist applies to all of your virtual cards.

For customers that use ACO services to acquire inventory, using our spend restrictions feature is a way of preventing bad actors from using your cards fraudulently.

Slash merchant whitelist restrictions being selected

The Slash Mobile App

We’ve built a beautiful mobile app that lets you access your Slash account on the go. With the app you can:

  1. See all of your account activity (balance, transactions, account/routing numbers).
  2. Get real time transaction notifications right on your phone.
  3. Manage your virtual cards.

Forget about logging in to a web dashboard every time you want to check your balance, transactions, or cards. Pull up your phone, and just Face ID in.

Mobile app dashboard, merchant restriction and zelle integration pages shown

Dual Accounts

You can now create and manage two completely different bank accounts within Slash – one for personal use, and one (with virtual cards) for business. You get two transaction feeds, two physical debit cards, and two account numbers.

This is the feature we are most excited about. Why?

  1. The ability to move money instantly to and from an account inside of Slash that’s not associated with your virtual cards is the equivalent of having infinite instant deposits – a feature you all love.
  2. For those of you who file taxes, you can now maintain a log of business transactions that is completely separate from your personal transactions.

Quit waiting 1-2 business days to move funds between a personal and a business account at two different banks – withdraw funds from your Slash business account to your Slash personal account when you don’t want runners to have access to your capital, and put money back into your business account before an important drop. All in the snap of a finger.

Zelle Integration

The Slash Personal Checking Account is Zelle compatible. With Slash, you can now send money to and receive money from any of the 100 million people on the Zelle national payment network.

zelle integration page within slash's mobile app

Apple Pay

Your Slash-issued cards are now compatible with Apple Pay. Personal, business, virtual, physical, you name it!

Spend using your Slash cards with the tap of a phone.

Slash supports apple pay

Card Management

We’ve created a whole host of new tools to help you better manage your virtual cards. In just a couple clicks you can:

  1. Permanently delete any virtual card that you’ve used in the past, and re-generate a replacement.
  2. Freeze all of your currently active virtual cards.
  3. Rename any subset of your cards.

Quit paying for external automation tools to help you manage your cards, and start working with a company that offers all of this functionality in house.

An image that demonstrates the pausing and deleting of mass cards.

Free Plan

We’ve created a version of the Slash business account that will be free forever. With it, access a full featured FDIC insured business bank account with Apple Pay, statements, 5 virtual cards, and the ability to receive incoming wires, ACH payments, and payouts from any platform.

Graphic showcasing Slash's free plan

New Metal Card

Our beautiful, 28 gram metal card is now available to all business customers. To earn it, all you have to do is link your primary source of income to Slash and complete our 60 day metal card challenge.

metal card hovering above a platform

Transaction Page Filters & Spend Analytics

Use our brand new transaction filters to:

  1. See how much you spent and how many items you bought with your cards over a period of time (minutes, hours, days, months, years).
  2. Analyze your cash-flows.
  3. Better manage your spend.

Transaction filters will enable you to know in real time how much you spent on a particular drop using Slash, how much is pending, and more!

Slash's transaction page being showcased

Slash For Minors

You can now open a Slash personal and business bank account if you are 13 or older. With the consent of your parent or legal guardian, you can sign up for Slash and gain access to our virtual cards, 24/7 support, and spend management software.

13+ symbol graphic

Link Your Income

We’ve made it easy for you to re-route your income from marketplaces, your employer, and payment apps like Venmo and Cash App directly into your Slash account.

From the Slash dashboard, you’ll be able to log in to the platform or payroll provider you wish to re-route your income for, and automatically send future disbursements into your personal or business account.

If you’re currently a Slash customer, you can start saving time and making more money by leveraging our new features. If you’re not a Slash customer yet, be sure to sign up for our waitlist and look out for a beta invite in your email!

Our team has worked ungodly hours for months to get this in your hands. We hope you enjoy 2.0, and would love to hear your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Discord!

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Victor Cardenas

Victor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Slash, where he's responsible for defining all aspects of Slash's strategy, execution, and product roadmap. Victor grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, and immigrated to the United States to study Computer Science at Stanford University.