Sarah Salvatore
April 20, 2023

5 min


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Streamline Your Checkouts with Slash's Chrome Extension

Browser extensions can add new functionality to your web browser, such as productivity tools, ad-blockers, and security features. They can help you customize your browsing experience and improve your workflow by making certain tasks easier and more efficient. Additionally, many browser extensions are free and easy to install, making them a convenient way to enhance your online experience.

Enter the Slash Google Chrome extension! Designed to help you shop smarter with your Slash cards, streamline your card management and increase your checkout speed, the Slash chrome extension is a tool you need in your kit.

Without leaving the web storefront you are shopping at, the Slash Chrome extension enables you to perform any action you normally could from the Slash dashboard. Need a new card? You are able to create and delete cards within your plan limit. Trying to make a quick purchase? Pause and unpause your cards with just a few clicks.

Once you are ready to checkout a Slash button will appear on the screen. Click on it to browse your cards, then select card in this list to automatically fill in all the details needed on the screen to make your purchase. Think of this as your own personal Slash card genie.

So what are you waiting for? Shave minutes off your checkouts with our new Slash Chrome extension, available now in the Google Chrome Web Store.

Author Bio

Sarah Salvatore

As a Customer Success Lead at Slash, Sarah is responsible for customer success, support, and project management. She joined Slash from $4bn fintech lender Clearco, where she also worked in Customer Success. Prior to her work at Clearco, Sarah worked at SAP. Sarah holds a B.S. in communications from Ontario Tech University.