Mohamed Mohsen
August 11, 2023



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How to Make Money With Discord Communities

Welcome to the bustling realm of Discord communities, the hotbed for real-time discussions, collaborations, and of course, sweet, sweet monetization! Whether it's sneakerheads discussing the latest drops, crypto enthusiasts analyzing the next bullish token, or e-commerce gurus breaking down the art of drop-shipping, there's a Discord community waiting to thrive. Let's dive into how you can set up, run, and monetize your very own Discord haven. 🔍💰🌐

1. Spotting the Gap 🧐🌌  

Every successful Discord server starts by filling a niche. Maybe a specific drop-shipping method is gaining traction? Or you've figured out how to arbitrage collectibles?Pinpoint your unique angle and go from there.

2. Setting Up Shop 🎨🖥️:  

Discord's strength lies in its channels and roles. Organize channels by topics (e.g., 'Crypto News', 'Sneaker Drops', 'Drop-shipping Suppliers'). Utilize bots like MEE6 or Dyno to automate tasks and manage members.

3. Community First, Always ❤️🌟: 

Engage. Respond. Collaborate. A thriving community is an engaged one. Host regular AMAs (Ask Me Anythings) with experts, run contests, or have weekly discussion threads to keep the chat buzzing.

4. Monetization Magic 💸🔐: 

Premium Memberships: Use bots or integrations like Patreon to offer exclusive access to certain channels. E.g., a 'Premium Sneaker Tips' channel for members willing to pay for early info on drops.

Affiliate Marketing: Share tools, resources, or platforms that offer affiliate deals. Whether it's a crypto exchange link or a drop-shipping tool, each sign-up can earn you a commission.

Ad Spaces: As your server grows, brands may be willing to pay for a pinned message or a dedicated channel to advertise their products.

Courses & Webinars: If you're an expert in your niche, or can collaborate with one, offer paid courses or webinars to your members.

5. Security & Trust 🛡️⚖️:  

Moderate rigorously. Scammers can erode the trust you've built. Utilize trusted mods, have clear server rules, and consider verification processes for new members.

6. Scaling & Partnerships 🚀🌍:  

Collaborate with influencers in your niche or cross-promote with complementary Discord servers. E.g., a sneaker reselling server might partner with a streetwear community.

7. Feedback & Evolution 🔁🎤: 

Use feedback bots or regular community polls to understand what your members value and how you can enhance their experience.

In essence, running a Discord community is a mix of passion, engagement, and smart monetization strategies. It's not just about making a quick buck, but building an ecosystem where knowledge is exchanged, value is delivered, and yes, where profits are made. So, gear up, dive into the exciting world of Discord, and turn those virtual discussions into real-world profits! 🌐🔊💰

Author Bio

Mohamed Mohsen

Mohamed is a Product Manager at Slash, committed to scoping out new features to help you make more money online, when he's not worrying about new products in the pipeline - he moonlights as a writer for the Slash Magazine!