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How do I sign up?

+ Right now, Slash is in private beta. Fill out the form on our landing page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Setting up a Slash account

What can I use to fund my Slash account?

+ For now, you can only use your bank account to fund Slash cards. Soon, however, you'll be able to fund Slash cards with just a debit card.

How do I connect a bank account?

+ Soon after creating your Slash account, there'll be a checklist you have to go through that lets us verify your identity and will allow you to link a funding source.

How do bank connections work?

+ For bank connections, Slash uses Plaid (used by Venmo, Robinhood, Affirm, Truebill, and others), which provides bank-level security with 256-bit SSL encryption and read-only access. Rest assured, we take security very seriously.

Can I connect more than one funding source to my Slash account?

+ Not currently! But we are working on this.

Using Slash cards

How long does a charge take to show up in my bank?

+ In order to spend money using Slash cards, you must first deposit funds into your account. We always make your funds immediately available.

Transaction states

What are completed transactions?

+ Completed transactions are those that are completely settled by the merchant. This means that the merchant is not simply holding the funds, but has definitively debited money from your account.

What are pending transactions?

+ Pending transactions occur when a merchant authorizis a transaction, and a hold is placed on your funds for that amount. When a transaction is pending, money hasn't actually left your account.


How do refunds work?

+ When a merchant refunds a transaction, the money appears back in your Slash after at most 5 business days.

Slash Balance

What’s included in the Slash balance?

+ Your Slash balance is adjusted throughout the day as we authorize, or receive notice of, pending transactions.

Debit card transactions we authorize reduce your available balance, even if the transaction hasn’t settled. Debit card authorizations are usually settled in 24 hours.

Money you deposit into your account will also be made immediately available in your Slash balance, even though we receive the actual funds 1-2 business days after you initiate your transfer.

How is my Slash balance calculated?

+ We begin with your current posted balance and then adjust for any pending transactions or withdrawals that are known to Slash.

Current posted balance includes:

  • Deposits and withdrawals that have been posted to your account by the end of the previous business day.

Pending transactions include:

  • Pending debit card transactions that have been authorized but not yet paid from your account.
How much money can I withdraw from my account?

+ You can only withdraw the amount of money in your Slash balance, not your posted balance.

Since deposits are made immediately available in your Slash balance (even though the actual funds take 1-2 business days to arrive after you initiate a transfer), if you withdraw money immediately after depositing it, the funds you withdraw might arrive in your bank account before the funds you deposit have left.

What’s not included in the Slash balance?

+ Slash card transactions authorized by us but not submitted by the merchant for payment within 5 business days of authorization, or that were never submitted for authorization.

For example, if “Merchant X” approves a transaction for $100 on Monday morning , and doesn’t settle the funds by Friday afternoon, the $100 that “Merchant X” authorized will be made available in your Slash balance on Saturday.

What happens when a merchant takes too long to authorize a transaction?

+ If you make a purchase with your Slash cards, the merchant may request authorization for an initial amount and send us the actual transaction amount later for payment. This is often the case in places where you can add a tip to your bill (such as restaurants or salons), hotels, and car rental agencies, where there can be a significant difference between the amount that's authorized initially (authorization hold amount) and the actual transaction amount. The initially authorized amount appears in your pending transactions, but the actual transaction amount is deducted from your account.

For most Slash card purchases, we receive the payment request, including the actual transaction amount, within three business days of the transaction. If we don't receive a final payment request from the merchant within five business days, we release the authorization hold on the transaction. We then remove the transaction from your list of pending transactions and add the funds back to your Slash balance. If we receive the payment request at a later date, the actual transaction amount will be deducted from your account at that time.