No LLC required and no credit check.

Stay secure with Slash

Store deposits with our partner bank that offers FDIC coverage up to $250,000. Stay secure with fluent 2-factor authentication, transaction notifications, and full activity logs.

we take security extremely seriously

At Slash, we take security extremely seriously, here’s how we do that

Bank Connections through Plaid

Plaid uses 256-bit bank-grade encryption, and does not relay your login credentials to us.

Data Encryption
In Transit

All data in transit is encrypted with TLS/SSL preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information.

Data Encryption
At Rest

We use the AES-256 protocol for encryption-at-rest, and rotate the keys that could be used to read the data very frequently.

We Can't see your data

Your personal data (including your SSN) never touches our servers, it is only relayed to our KYC provider and then stored in a secure vault managed by VGS

KYC checks are done by A trusted third party

This process ensures that the person holding the account is who they say they are and allows to stay compliant.

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