Asked Questions

About Slash

Can I use Slash if I am under 18?

Yes! Simply sign up first using your own information and you will be prompted to invite a parent or guardian to approve your account.

Is Slash only available in the United States?

We're happy to serve anyone with a USA SSN or ITIN.

What is Slash?

Slash is building banking for the hustle economy. Your Slash account comes with: a personal checking account, a business checking account, virtual cards, a physical debit card per account, ACH payments, instant payouts from popular marketplaces, and a sleek web and mobile app.

Where can I get help with my Slash account?

Visit our help center at for more information, if you still need help contact our support team by using the chat button in the bottom righthand corner, the team is always standing by to help!

What do I need to sign up for Slash?

Have these things ready to sign up for Slash: SSN to verify identity, one form of government-issued ID, your EIN (only if signing up as an LLC)

Security & Privacy

Why do you need my SSN?

By creating a Slash account, you are opening a bank account with us through our partner bank. We are required by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) — specifically rule 2090 — to verify your identity. Your SSN never touches our servers, it is only relayed to our KYC provider (Persona) and then stored in a secure vault managed by VGS.

Where does Slash keep my funds?

Slash has partnered with Piermont Bank, an FDIC Insured US bank.

Is my data safe with Slash?

While in transit, all data is encrypted with TLS/SSL. For the non-sensitive personal identifiable information that is actually stored in our database (name and email), we use the AES-256 protocol for encryption-at-rest, and rotate the keys that could be used to read the data stored in our DB very frequently.

Are my deposits FDIC Insured?

Slash deposits up to $250,000 are FDIC insured through our partner bank. We are working to increase this number every day!

Do you support SMS 2FA?

SMS two-factor authentication can be easily compromised by "Port-Out Scams" so we prefer authenticator apps or email.

Virtual Cards

What do I do if my cards have been compromised?

Use the chat icon in the bottom corner of your Slash dashboard to contact our support team, they are standing by to assist you in filing a dispute and securing your cards.

Can Slash cards be used anywhere?

Yes! Slash cards can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

What are virtual cards?

Slash virtual cards are MasterCard debit cards, used like any regular debit card at all major merchants.

Using Slash

What’s included in my Slash subscription?

We offer 3 monthly subscription tiers with varying features: a business and personal account, 50 virtual cards, FDIC insurance up to $250k, real time transaction notifications, a mobile app, unlimited 1% or 1.75% cashback on all transactions, monthly virtual card deletion + re-generation, and CSV card export.

Can I earn rewards or cashback on my purchases?

Yes! Pro subscribers earn 1% on all transactions, Elite subscribers earn 1.75% on the first 20k in spend every month then 1% on all purchases after that.

Are there limits to the amount of money I can spend using Slash?

Each Slash virtual card has a transaction limit of $9999 per day.

Can I connect more than one funding source to my Slash account?

Yes! You are able to connect one bank account, one debit card and accept payments from CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, Incoming Wire, or any marketplace.

How do bank connections work?

All bank connections are managed through Plaid, an API used by Coinbase, Robinhood, Truebill, and Venmo to verify and facilitate bank to bank account connections. Plaid uses 256-bit bank-grade SSL encryption, and does not under any circumstance relay your login credentials to us or any of their clients. You can learn more about Plaid at