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Slash Discord Launch

By Control Freak - Apr. 26, 2021

By Control Freak

Apr. 26, 2021

By May 3rd at 12am EST, the top 10 users who invite the most other people to our Discord server will receive a reward! The top "inviter" will win a free month of our $100 Elite plan (100 VCCs per month), and the following 9 will get access to our private beta.

See the instructions below for how to spread the word:

  1. Right click the server icon or the server bar and click "Invite People" to generate an invite.

  1. Click "Edit invite link." so you can edit the invite to an infinite use invite.

  1. Copy these settings onto your invite then click the button at the bottom right.

  1. You should be left with this invite to copy. Now spread the word!

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